Interface SearchFacetDescriptor

  • public interface SearchFacetDescriptor
    Contains information that can be used to uniquely identify a facet. The facet type is the class its values have. The owners are the types the facet belongs to. The path consists of the derived names of the methods annotated that eventually lead to the facet. An example: we annotated ElementHolder.getWebsite(), which leads to Website.getTitle(), which returns a String. This gives us the following results: type: String.class, owner: PageVersion.class, path: ["website", "title"]. The owning type is always the type in which the annotation is present.
    • Method Detail

      • getOwnerType

        Class<?> getOwnerType()
        Returns the owning type of the facet.
        the owner
      • getValuesType

        Class<?> getValuesType()
        Returns the facet values' type.
        the type of the values
      • getPath

        List<String> getPath()
        Returns the facet path.
        the method path to the facet