Interface SearchFacetComponentDefinition

    • Method Detail

      • getIdentifier

        String getIdentifier()
        Returns the unique identifier of this component definition
        the identifier of the definition
      • getTitle

        String getTitle​(Locale forLocale)
        Returns the user friendly title of this facet. If null is returned, we generate a (user unfriendly) title.
        forLocale - the locale to get the title in
        the title
      • getPosition

        int getPosition()
        Returns the position the facet should have in the search UI as a number between 0 and Integer.MAX_VALUE (both inclusive). All defined facets are ordered using this number. If two facets define the same position, the order is alphabetical.
        the position
      • getFacetProperties

        Map<String,​String> getFacetProperties()
        A map of properties that is handed to the widget.
        the properties to send to the widget, may be null
      • accept

        int accept​(SearchFacetDescriptor facetDescriptor)
        Accepts or denies a specific facet with a certain priority. In the former case, the facet will be displayed to the user using the properties defined by this definition. To accept or deny a facet, use the facet's type, owner, and path. The definition that accepts a facet with the highest priority is the winner. A negative priority means "I don't want it, go away", a positive priority says "I want this facet", and a priority of zero means "I don't really care whether I get it, but I can handle it."
        facetDescriptor - the descriptor of the facet
        the priority, positive to accept, negative to reject, zero to don't care