Class WCBUpdateManager

  • public class WCBUpdateManager
    extends WCBLifecycleManager
    This class implements the business logic that should be performed upon update of an OSGi bundle. It updates Siteworks objects like language labels and RBAC permissions, updates database entities like wmJellyContentType and performs all other actions that are necessary to update all objects created during installation of the OSGi bundle. Note that this lifecycle is attached to the UNINSTALLED lifecycle of the OSGi bundle. The update knows nothing about components.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WCBUpdateManager

        public WCBUpdateManager​(nl.gx.webmanager.wcb.componentmanager.impl.ComponentManagerImpl componentManager,
                                org.osgi.framework.Bundle bundle)
        Constructor of the update manager.
        componentManager - Component manager the lifecycle manager is created from
        bundle - The bundle that needs to be updated
    • Method Detail

      • update

        public boolean update()
        Do the actual update of the component bundle.
        true if the update succeeded, false otherwise