Class WCBPurgeManager

  • public class WCBPurgeManager
    extends WCBLifecycleManager
    This class implements the business logic that should be performed upon purging of an OSGi bundle. It removes any content that has been created during the uptime of the components contained by the bundle. Note that this lifecycle is attached to the UNINSTALLED lifecycle of the OSGi bundle. The purge knows nothing about components.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WCBPurgeManager

        public WCBPurgeManager​(nl.gx.webmanager.wcb.componentmanager.impl.ComponentManagerImpl componentManager,
                               org.osgi.framework.Bundle bundle)
        Constructor of the purge manager
        componentManager - Component manager the lifecycle manager is created from
        bundleDefinition - The Component bundle definition of the OSGi bundle that needs to be purged
    • Method Detail

      • purge

        public boolean purge()
        Purges all components contained by this component bundle
        true if the purge of all components succeeded, false otherwise
      • getPeristencyClassesFromBundle

        public Class[] getPeristencyClassesFromBundle​(ComponentDefinition compDef)
        Retrieve all classes that could create some persistent stuff in the JCR
        compDef - Component definition to retrieve the info for
        Array of all classes that could create some persistent stuff in the JCR
      • deletePersistenceStructure

        public void deletePersistenceStructure​(ComponentDefinition componentDefinition)
        Delete all persistence stuff created by this component definition
        componentDefinition -