Interface ProfileManager

    • Method Detail

      • find

        <T extends ProfileExtensionProvider<?>> T find​(Class<T> providerClass)
                                                throws UserManagementException
        Retrieves a profile extension provider for the given class in the Realm of this manager. Note that the type hierarchy is not taken into account for the search; i.e., the provider class must be an exact match with the instance class of a registered provider component.
        Type Parameters:
        T - the type of profile extension provider
        providerClass - the instance class of the profile extension provider component
        a provider of the given class
        UserManagementException - on error
      • export

        void export​(List<User> users,
                    OutputStream out)
             throws IOException,
        Exports all profile extensions of the given users to the given output stream. The stream is not closed by this method. The format of the export is a list of comma-separated-values (CSV) and is defined by RFC-4180. The character encoding used is UTF-8.

        The order in which the various profile extensions appear in the export is fixed for a fixed set of extension providers: First, the default profile extension is exported. The custom profile extensions are then exported in the lexicographical order of their respective component identifiers.

        users - the users which to export
        out - the stream to export to
        UserManagementException - on error
        IOException - on an IO error