Interface ProfilerEntry

  • public interface ProfilerEntry
    Represents one profiler entry. This class records the time in milliseconds for that entry and contains some convenience methods to calculate the self/total time of the entry.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        Returns the name of this entry.
        The name
      • getCategory

        String getCategory()
        Returns the category of this entry.
        The category
      • getChildren

        List<ProfilerEntry> getChildren()
        Returns the children of this entry.
        It's children as an unmodifiable list
      • getThreadName

        String getThreadName()
        Returns the name of the thread this entry lives in.
        The thread name
      • getStartTime

        long getStartTime()
        Returns the epoch time this entry was started.
        The start time (in ms)
      • getTotalTime

        long getTotalTime()
        Calculates and returns the total time of this entry. The total time is calculated by myStop - myStart.
        The total time (in ms)
      • getSelfTime

        long getSelfTime()
        Calculates and returns the self time of this entry. This time is calculated by taking the total time, and subtracting the total time of all its children from it.
        The self time (in ms)