Interface WmId

  • public interface WmId
    Web Manager unified ID. A WmId object is used to uniquely identify a persistent object in WM regardless of whether it is stored in a JSR-170 compliant repository or as a row in an SQL table, or something else. Implementations of this interface will typically encapsulate a ID specific to a given persistence mechanism, such as a primary key for a SQL table, or a UUID in JCR. Implementors of this interface must redefine the following methods:
    • Object.toString() - This must return a string identifier for his object. Implementations are recommended to use a simple domain_prefix:domain_id scheme for building up strings. e.g. siteworks:1234, jcr:0D877473-2F1F-40F9-BE72-E7D327A9DBB9
    • Object.hashCode()
    • Object.equals(Object)
    WmIds are regularly stored in Maps and other Java collections. WmId objects must be immutable.
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