Class IdentifiableUtil

  • public final class IdentifiableUtil
    extends Object
    This is a utility class for the creation of WmIds for WebManager entity instances.
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public static WmId getId​(Object entity)
        Creates a WmId instance for a given entity.
        entity - the entity to create a WmId for
        a WmId for the given entity
        DomainError - if a WmId cannot be obtained (for instance, when an unknown entity type is given)
      • getIdFromString

        public static WmId getIdFromString​(String strId)
        Create a WmId instance from the given ID string.
        strId - The identitier string, typically originally generated from WmId.toString().
        WmId or null if the string could not be parsed.