Class CurrentFieldAdapter

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      • CurrentFieldAdapter

        public CurrentFieldAdapter()
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      • isLanguageSpecific

        public boolean isLanguageSpecific()
        Description copied from interface: FieldAdapter
        Returns whether the adapted value can depend on the language.
        Specified by:
        isLanguageSpecific in interface FieldAdapter<Boolean>
        true or false
      • adapt

        public Object adapt​(Boolean value,
                            Locale forLocale)
        Description copied from interface: FieldAdapter
        Adapts a T to return the value in the specified language. The specified language may be null, in which case no specific language may be used. An implementation may return null, which is equivalent to "do not index this field for this language". The returned value is the one that is stored and is thus what is returned and displayed in Advanced Search. If this adapter is language specific, its adapt methods will be called for each language and for a null language to index the value in a language agnostic way (if possible). If it is not language specific, only the latter is the case. This method is only invoked if this adapter's field is stored. The returned value should match one of the registered SOLR types.
        Specified by:
        adapt in interface FieldAdapter<Boolean>
        value - the value to adapt
        forLocale - the target locale to represent the value in
        the adapted value, or null if no value should be stored
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