Interface PersonalizationManagementService

  • public interface PersonalizationManagementService
    This interface defines the personalization management service for offering create and delete methods for personalization expressions, models and categories.
    Sander Dahlberg
    • Method Detail

      • createPersonalizationExpression

        PersonalizationExpression createPersonalizationExpression​(Website website)
        Creates a personalization expression for the given website.

        Default settings are:

        website - Target website.
        New personalization expression.
      • createPersonalizationModel

        PersonalizationModel createPersonalizationModel​(Website website)
        Creates a personalization model for the given website.

        Default settings are:

        website - Target website.
        New personalization model.
      • createPersonalizationCategory

        PersonalizationCategory createPersonalizationCategory​(Website website,
                                                              String categoryName,
                                                              String value)
        Creates a personalization category with the given name and value. The personalization category is available only for the given website. A personalization category is used for categorizing personalization expressions and models.
        website - Website to create the personalization category for.
        categoryName - Name of the category.
        value - Value of the category. Can be used as a parameter to retrieve a specific personalization category through Website.getPersonalizationCategory(String). Make sure a unique value is chosen over all category values, within the scope of the given website. There is no uniqueness validation.
        Newly created personalization category.
      • deletePersonalizationExpression

        void deletePersonalizationExpression​(PersonalizationExpression expression)
        Permanently deletes a personalization expression.
        expression - Personalization expression to delete.
      • deletePersonalizationModel

        void deletePersonalizationModel​(PersonalizationModel model)
        Permanently deletes a personalization model.
        model - Personalization model to delete.
      • deletePersonalizationCategory

        void deletePersonalizationCategory​(PersonalizationCategory category)
        Permanently deletes a personalization category. It is permitted to delete a category that currently holds personalization expressions and/or models. Those expressions and models are not deleted, but are not categorized afterwards.
        category - Personalization category to delete.
      • purgeFrontendPersonalizationCache

        void purgeFrontendPersonalizationCache​(Website website)
                                        throws SQLException
        This method purges the personalization cache so that new personalizations are used in frontend rendering. In frontend rendering personalizations are applied because they are to the XSLT transformation. This XSLT file is however cached indefinitely. This method makes the personalization changes visible in the frontend by clearing the XSLT cache.
        website - The website for which to clear to cache.
        SQLException - If the timestamp database could not be reset.