Interface ClusterEventHandle

  • public interface ClusterEventHandle
    A Cluster Event handle is returned when an event is sent to the cluster. The handle provides information about the event that was sent and includes return values in case the event is sent synchronously.
    • Method Detail

      • getEventId

        String getEventId()
        Id of the event that was created.
        Id of the event that was created
      • isAsynchronous

        boolean isAsynchronous()
        Indicates if the event was set synchronous or asynchronous. If an event is sent asynchronous, the handle is returned immediately without collecting any return values. If an event is sent synchronous, the framework will wait until all active cluster nodes have responded and returned their return value.
        true if the event was send asynchronously, false otherwise
      • getReturnValues

        Map<String,​ClusterEventReturnValue> getReturnValues()
        Map of cluster node ids onto the value they returned as response to this event. This method only returns values for synchronous events. For asynchronous events, this method always returns null. Values returned by any cluster node is always a string. If more complex types are required, you need to marshall them forth and back from a String representation.
        Mapping of cluster id onto the return value of that cluster node for synchronous events. Null for asynchronous events.