Class EscapingReader

    • Constructor Detail

      • EscapingReader

        public EscapingReader​(String startDelimiter,
                              String endDelimiter,
                              Reader origin,
                              boolean decode)
        Constructs a ParserReader.
        startDelimiter - The start string
        endDelimiter - The end string
    • Method Detail

      • read

        public int read​(char[] cbuf,
                        int off,
                        int len)
                 throws IOException
        Reads from the original reader, processes the content and streams the avaible content into the cbuf array. This method will block until some input is available, an I/O error occurs, or the end of the stream is reached.
        read in class FilterReader
        cbuf - Destination buffer
        off - Offset at which to start storing characters
        len - Maximum number of characters to read
        The number of characters read, or -1 if the end of the stream has been reached
        IOException - If an I/O error occurs