Class WebsiteEvent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EntityEvent, Event

    public class WebsiteEvent
    extends Object
    implements EntityEvent
    Event indicating a the creation or deletion of a Website. The scope and the source are always WebManagerApplication.class.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WebsiteEvent

        public WebsiteEvent​(Event.Type eventType,
                            Website website,
                            String eventAction)
        Creates a Website event.
        eventType - The event type which can be either PRE or POST.
        website - The website object just created or destroyed. May be null.
        eventAction - The action performed. One of EntityEvent.CREATE or EntityEvent.DELETE.
    • Method Detail

      • getEventType

        public Event.Type getEventType()
        Description copied from interface: Event
        Type of event notification. This can be either PRE or POST. A PRE event is thrown just before the action is performed, a POST event immediately after.
        Specified by:
        getEventType in interface Event
        type of event notification.
      • getEntity

        public Object getEntity()
        Description copied from interface: EntityEvent
        Return the (new) entity on which the action was performed.
        Specified by:
        getEntity in interface EntityEvent
        get the entity this event refers to.
      • getEventAction

        public String getEventAction()
        Description copied from interface: Event
        Returns the action that has been performed
        Specified by:
        getEventAction in interface Event
        the action that has been performed.
      • getScope

        public Class<?> getScope()
        Description copied from interface: Event
        The scope of the object on which the action is performed. The scope indicates the object's type indicated by its Class
        Specified by:
        getScope in interface Event
        the class of the object that the action is performed on.
      • getSource

        public Object getSource()
        Description copied from interface: Event
        Returns the object that published the event
        Specified by:
        getSource in interface Event
        the source that fired the event (WCB ID).