Interface MediaItem

    • Method Detail

      • getId

        int getId()
        Description copied from interface: Wrapper
        Returns the ID of the wrapped object.
        Specified by:
        getId in interface Wrapper
        the ID of the wrapped object.
      • getContentType

        MediaContentType getContentType()
        Retrieves the media content type of the media item. Besides new media content types added by custom media items there are currently eleven types of media content, which are (based on the unique value retrieved by MediaContentType.getValue():
        • article
        • image
        • page
        • download
        • multimedia
        The media content type representing what type of content this media item represents.
      • getIncontextLink

        Link getIncontextLink()
        Returns the incontext link to this media item.
        Incontext link to this media item.
      • exists

        boolean exists()
        Returns whether this media item still exists in the media repository.
        true if this media item exists in the media repository.
      • updateCurrent

        void updateCurrent()
        Update the "Current" (="Active") versions. The current versions might change due to publication status changes and passed publication / expiration dates. There can be at most one "current" version per language.