Interface InternalUrlBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • setReference

        void setReference​(Wrapper reference)
        Refers to a Wrapper instance. Wrappers are usually either a page or on a page so this will result in an url to that page.
        reference - a wrapper instance.
      • setPassOn

        void setPassOn​(String[] passOn)
        Sets an array of attributes that need to be passed on if they are in the url.
        passOn - an array of attributes.
      • setPassOnAllParameters

        void setPassOnAllParameters​(boolean passOnAllParameters)
        passOnAllParameters -
      • setPassOnValues

        void setPassOnValues​(NameValuePair[] passOnValues)
        Sets attribute-value pairs that need to be passed on in the url.
        passOnValues - array of attribute-value pairs.
      • setRequest

        void setRequest​(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req)
        Sets the request.
        req -
      • setAddElementHolder

        void setAddElementHolder​(boolean addElementHolder)
        Sets whether the elementholder parameter should be added to a ssi link. Only use in case of building a ssi link.
        addElementHolder - boolean, when true the elementholder should be added to a ssi link.
      • setUseHTTPLinks

        void setUseHTTPLinks​(boolean useHTTPLinks)
        Sets whether to use HTTP links when the current protocol is HTTPS, but the page does not use HTTPS.
        useHTTPLinks - whether to use HTTP links for pages that do not use HTTPS
      • setLanguage

        void setLanguage​(Language language)
        Sets the language for the base object to which the URL refers, if it contains language versions. Setting the language to null is allowed.
        language - the language for the base object to which the URL refers