Interface Heading

  • public interface Heading
    This interface models heading objects. Heading objects, in short, are the h-tags in your html.
    • Method Detail

      • getText

        String getText()
        Returns the text of the anchor, i.e. the body text of a heading tags.
        the text of an anchor
      • getLevel

        int getLevel()
        Returns the nesting level of the anchor. I.e. anchors on heading tags will have the level of its specific tag (h3: level 3). Anchors on other tags will generally be one level higher than it's direct heading-tag parent.
        the level of the anchor
      • getAnchorIdentifier

        String getAnchorIdentifier()
        Returns the identifier of the anchor. This is the text that is included after a '#', to direct to the anchor, and this will probably be the id attribute of the tag corresponding to this anchor.
        the identifier of the anchor