Interface BasicFormSection

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    public interface BasicFormSection
    Basic interface for a FormSection. All FormSections should implement this interface.
    • Method Detail

      • getVersions

        List<BasicFormSectionVersion> getVersions()
        Returns a list of all versions of this FormSection.
        a list of all versions of this FormSection
      • getActiveVersion

        BasicFormSectionVersion getActiveVersion()
        use getCurrent() instead
        Returns the currently active version of this FormSection.
        the currently active version of this FormSection or null if no version is currently active.
      • getCurrent

        BasicFormSectionVersion getCurrent()
        Returns the current version for this form section. This is defined to be the version with the most recent publication date which is non-expired and in a public state.
        the current version, or null if there is no current version.
      • getIdentifier

        String getIdentifier()
        Returns the identifier of this FormSection.
        the identifier of this FormSection
      • isDependentOn

        boolean isDependentOn​(BasicFormSection formSection)
        Determines recursively if the formsection is dependent on another formsection. It returns true if the formsection contains a composite fragment that refers to this formsection (itself), or one of it's formsections that this formsection refers to, does.
        formSection - the BasicFormSection which is checked against dependency on another formsection.
        true if there is a dependency from this section to formSection. False otherwise, or when formSection is null.