Interface BasicFormLogicComponent

    • Method Detail

      • getFormLogicComponentDefinition

        FormLogicComponentDefinition getFormLogicComponentDefinition()
        Returns the definition for this BasicFormLogicComponent. The definition describes the properties of this type of FormLogicComponent.
        the definition for this BasicFormLogicComponent
      • getCustomLanguageLabelMapping

        List<BasicLanguageLabelMapping> getCustomLanguageLabelMapping()
        Returns the list of language labels that have been overridden.
        the list of custom language labels
      • getParameters

        List<BasicParameter> getParameters()
        Returns the list of parameters for this FormLogicComponent.
        the list of parameters
      • getLanguageLabelsMapping

        Map<String,​String> getLanguageLabelsMapping​(String locale,
                                                          int webid)
        Returns the mapping of error codes to language labels for the specified locale and website. In order to retrieve the global mapping, use webid=-1.
        locale - the locale for which to retrieve the language labels mapping
        webid - the website for which to retrieve the mapping (or -1 for the global mapping)
        a Map from error codes to language label keys, or null if the requested locale/webid could not be found.